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If design aims for a successful alliance of aesthetics and To begin, we have Patrick Pagnon and Claude Pelhaître, who Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance and his Torii armchair, a vector or tobacco-coloured woven cord, on the Fifty indoor/outdoor All that remains is to curl up snugly in the protective leather
function, the quest for beauty does not begin and end with are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their collaboration with of feelings and emotions, on a locus somewhere between chair, designed by Icelandic-Danish duo Dögg & Arnved. Dögg shell of Dondoli & Pocci’s Amy armchair, with wellbeing
the search for new forms. Beauty is also expressed in going to Roset by bringing us the Racines dining table with its sculptural Copenhagen and Tokyo. Toshiyuki Kita and his @-chair and Gudmundsdottir also works with wool for her Star 13 and book pulled from Pagnon & Pelhaître’s Et cetera shelving:
the very heart of things: to demonstrate how fine each and base entirely made from solid oak, and their ‘raw sawn’ effect @-servant, a multi-position, multifunctional easy chair with its Star 8 rugs, with motifs directly inspired by the designs of what greater luxury could there be than to select one’s own
every material can be, when it is well handled. And to make of oak-fronted Et cetera occasional/shelving units. own footrest and 100% Kita style. Benjamin Graindorge, one of traditional Icelandic pullovers. Carmen Stallbaumer’s Rizière paperback from one’s own bookshelf in an era of virtual books,
each product a precious object by exalting both materials and the youngest but also one of the most talented designers, with kilim, meanwhile, will bring a welcome stimulus to our which after all are merely electronic impulses on a plastic
quality of workmanship. This year is rich indeed in cabinet furniture, with the Tolbiac his Lace seat/footstool, a prettily seductive piece with some apartments. screen!
shelving from Gregoire de Lafforest, one of the first 3D or lovely cultural references.
In a world disconnected from the concrete, with the ever- ‘helix’ versions; the Frost extending dining table from Dondoli Then there is the Tessa chair, designed by Claudio Dondoli And will the disciple of these magical tablets be able to
growing risk of losing oneself in the meanderings of virtual & Pocci, with its aluminium frame and tough laminated top Thibault Desombre with the Vik chair with its solid ash base; and Marco Pocci, entirely covered in leather from the perform his devotions in the bubble of tranquillity provided by
reality, we all feel the need to rediscover ourselves, to reaffirm (from 1.60 m to 2.60 m when open); the asymmetrical Litho Italian designer Elia Mangia with the Paon table lamp on a top of its back to the tip of its legs. The Ficelle chair by the wool-quilted oak of the Nubo wall-mounted workstation
our identities and to reconnect with real values. It is for this desk from Thibault Desombre; and the highly functional Notule solid walnut base; and then Marie-Christine Dorner with her Osko+Deichmann, in blackened steel, is also an indoor/ from Italian-Danish design duo GamFratesi, who have thus
reason that one renews contact with nature and with the desk from Hertel & Klarhoefer. One Shape sofa end table, a unique shape created using two outdoor chair. brought us yet another astonishing product this year? As for
authenticity of the materials which have been ever put at our materials – sawn-effect solid oak and lacquered ceramic. Antoine Phelouzat, his Hourglass coat rack in solid wood is
disposal by its three kingdoms: the mineral (earthenware/ Then comes Didier Gomez and his Nils settees, padded all Ceramic is also used, in a matt finish this time, by Benjamin Nothing could be easier with the Ligne Roset 2013 collection, speaks for itself.
ceramic, metal), the vegetable (wood, cotton, linen) and the over – both structure and cushions – with goose feathers and Hubert on his Container by table lamp. Enamelled ceramic which brings us no less than four mirrors: there is Vanity Shelf,
animal (feathers, wool, leatherwear). covered in fabrics made from natural fibres such as cotton appears on Mardi 22/09, a voluptuous lamp by Guillaume from the Spanish/Argentine/Singaporean design collective Two words of hope one the one hand from Numéro 111, and
and linen. Nathan Yong continues on his chosen path with the Bardet. Finally, Liran Levi’s Floo defies the laws of gravity with Outofstock, which can be hung in a bathroom or hallway. Then three purely creative proposals from the St. Etienne trio: the
It is no accident if the 40 designers who contributed to the Elizabeth armchair and settee with their solid ash structures a never-before-seen suspended ceiling light. there is the Adonis triptych mirror, a spectacular creation fashioned monolith which is the Poppy Patterson low table,
Ligne Roset 2013 collection have found themselves on just and the kind of cushioning where comfort, charm and emotion from Gino Carollo, ideal for hallway or dressing area; and the the Stella Patterson shelf, the Alfred screen and on the
such a quest, where materials, and their enhancement by make all the difference. When Antonia Sironi worked with steel for his Luna Rossa secret mirror concealed within Evangelos Vasileiou’s Juliette other hand we have Philippine Lemaire with Itisy, which can
traditional craftsmanship, reign supreme. ceiling light, his aim was to make it more natural: he rusted it dressing table. Finally, there is the Recoin mirror/corner shelf transform itself without ever losing its elegance.
and ‘fixed’ the rust with wax for a natural, very ‘shabby chic’ from Claire Baudrimont and Pierre-Yves le Sonn, which won
effect. Steel appears again, blackened this time and with black first prize in the Maison Française design competition.
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