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PagnOn & PELHaîTRE naTHan YOng

1. Et cetera Sofa and armchair Elizabeth

3. As a complement to the Book&Look (combinations of volumes) The creations of Nathan Yong are distinguished by an emotional
and Mixte (horizontally-constructed) ranges, Etcetera is a vertically- approach influenced by the culture and society of Singapore, rooted
constructed programme (assemblies of side panels, shelves, back in the experiences of his childhood. His creations have poetic
panels and fronts) in the same vein as Variations and Square which overtones, expressing tranquility.
came before it.
dESIgnERS 2013

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THIbauLT dESOMbRE nOé duCHaufOuR-LawRanCE
3. Chair Vik Armchair Torii

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As with Finn, the Vik chair has a wooden base which achieves just Like the monumental doors which stand at the entrance of the Shinto
the right balance between distinctive looks and solid stability. temples in Japan, Torii is an open door between Asia and the West,
between traditional production and the contemporary spirit of Ligne
With its minimalist 50s/60s feel, the seat/back shell’s softly rounded Roset.
shape is evocative of comfort: the welcoming angle between the seat
and back, the sensual thickness of the upholstered foam padding. The Torii armchair was originally part of an interiors project undertaken
Its Scandinavian-style modesty is in contrast with the sophisticated for the Megu Japanese restaurant at the Alpina hotel in Gstaad, a project
architecture of the base which supports it. inspired by traditional Japanese houses, temples and ancient kimonos.
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